Website Design and Construction

A website is a brand, a business tool, a shop in fact a website is whatever you want it to be. A great website can open up your brand and service to a new audience while increasing business growth. A poorly built site will do nothing and can inflict damage on your hard work building a brand. But web design isn’t easy and every customer and user have different needs. We live in a world of consumerism and today’s audiences have high expectations. You have a very short time to grab a potential visitors attention to convince them the consumer’s your site is worth their time. With years of experience, Virtual Magic build websites to target and exceed audience expectations with websites that perform with a focus on strategic planning, compelling visual design, and best user experience.

How to build a better website

Every website is built to achieve different performance and target market audiences from sales, to leads, to engagement. We create websites to meet these goals.

Design for your users

Put the needs of the site’s users first. If you don’t know what users’ want, ask them.

Design with a purpose

Naturally, it should look good. But it also needs to be built with a clear view of its most important goals and conversion points, It is of upmost importance a website lead visitors to their journey end, from a successful sale to a registration, subscription or inquiry.

Design for discover-ability

A site must be visible in search engines so people can find it and that starts with good SEO. A good site should be well optimized, and built so there are relevant and engaging landing pages for users to find.