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Why Do Businesses Need A Website?

A lot of small business owners ask this question.

We used the term, “small business” because, on the journey to being a big company, online credibility plays a huge role. And having a website is vital.

There are many other elements that come with having a good website to attract more traffic and sales from your targeted audience.

Why Do You Need a Website?

The simple answer is- websites if properly built generate business, sales, leads and also increase your market visibility. A website is a must have to gain credibility in front of customers and help your businesses advertise their services to your targeted market audience.

Your business can shut for the day at 5 PM and you are no longer earning revenue. However, your website is online 24/7 365 days a year promoting your business and introducing your services to potential clients all the time.

Your website is your number one marketing asset. These days almost everyone goes to the internet to source new products and services. If you have no website they will not be visiting your business.

A Website Can Increase Turnover

Websites can be pretty in-expensive these day using open source softwares like WordPress and Joomla and a well built site will showcase your business to thousands of potential customers on a search-engine-optimised platform without spending too much money.

Having a website enables you to hit a larger audience market to advertise your services or goods. However the quality of your website will often affect the buying decisions of your potential customers and a poorly built site will not encourage them to spend their money with you..

A Website Adds Credibility

To show your customers that you take them and their business seriously, then it is best to invest in a professional website. Now around 75% of users find new businesses or products by browsing on their smartphones, and it will definitely hurt your business by not having a website. Just imagine millions of people looking for products and services in a huge worldwide shopping mall and your business not there or even listed.

People invest in a business they can trust, and your website is the cornerstone for that trust.
A good well optimised website can win against big monster brands of the industry in the search results and take that business to you.

When designing an optimised website, it should be laid out and designed in a certain manner to carry the visitor on a journey through your website, prompting them to purchase or make an inquiry with all the right calls to action at the right time.

Optimising for correct keywords and key-phrases will improve the number of visitors to your website and if the customer is looking for your service or product a well built optimised website will help to convert them into a future customer.

It cannot be highlighted enough that the target audience’s first contact with your brand is your website. You are absolutely in charge of how you put your business.

Almost All Your Competitors Already Have A Website

This might sound stupid to say but you are not alone in business. Thousands of businesses offer the same goods and services you are offering, and the majority of them will have their own websites.

How Do You Get A Beautiful Website Designed?

Virtual has seen the market change over the last 10 years and websites designed by our web developers are not only beautiful, but fully functional to help improve conversion of your visitors. We have years of experience and knowledge, so why not give us a shout today and see what we can do for you. We have built loads of top performing websites selling millions of euro in goods and services all across the world. We give all websites we build the Magic Touch”

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